Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Please see the rules and safety requirements form
  • What to expect will be different based on the classes/services you are participating in.
  • When participating in a class, you will be given a lot of information in a relatively short amount of time. The class is mostly classroom time which will involve sitting, so please dress comfortably for this. For all classes that have range time, please be sure to bring the required safety gear as noted in the rules and safety requirements document. Please be sure that you bring your firearm of choice and required ammunition for the course you are taking. If you do not have a firearm to use during the class, there is an opportunity to rent one from me, but this should be established prior to registration of the course. 
  • We will provide snacks and bottled water for each class. If you have any particular dietary needs, please bring your own snacks.
  • You will also be required to bring your own lunch.  There may be classes that we will arrange to have lunch provided at additional cost, this will be stated and arranged prior to registration if available. 
Anytime there will be range time, please be sure to wear closed toes shoes. It is highly recommended that you wear a high cut top, long pants, and to bring a cap. You will not be allowed on the range without hearing protection, eye protection, and closed toes shoes. Be sure to wear something comfortable though as you will be participating in a large amount of class time.
  • Gun
  • Ammunition
  • Lunch
  • Positive learning attitude!