Women Only

Our women only classes are small, intimate, and designed to make you feel comfortable so that you can absorb and learn the most information possible!


We do offer courses that the men can come and participate in as well!  We will ask that couples that participate in the class together will not be permitted to sit next to each other during the course, nor be on the firing line at the same time as each other.  This is simply to allow for the instructor to instruct both members of the couple without additional “coaching” from the other member of the couple.

Group Lessons

We can schedule a particular class for your group, whether it is a women’s group, church group, work group, etc.  We will work out a class particularly for you and your needs

NRA Basic Pistol Course

  • NRA Basic Pistol Course is a course designed by the NRA and has two variations. 
  • The inexperienced shooter can start with Basic Pistol FIRST steps.  This course is shorter than the full Basic Pistol Course and does not involve any shooting.  This gives us an opportunity to get the shooter more familiar with the firearms with no pressure.
  • The Basic Pistol Course is approximately 8 hours with class time and range time. 
  • This course covers the mechanics, safety, basic practices, cleaning, and techniques of shooting and firing a gun.

NRA Personal Protection In the Home Course

  • PPITH is a course designed by the NRA for shooters that have already participated in the Basic Pistol Course
  • PPITH is approximately 8 hours with class time and range time.
  • This Course covers home security, legal aspects of defending yourself and your family, and basic understanding of how to use your home to your advantage in defending yourself and your family.

NRA Refuse to be a Victim

  • Seminar style course originally designed for women, but expanded to co-ed shortly after its inception in 1993.
  • Covers personal safety in all aspects of your life
  • Helps you to develop a personal safety plan
  • Helps you to begin to mentally prepare and identify areas of your life that you can reduce or eliminate the opportunity for you to be a target or victim
  • This class is open to anyone 12 or older that has the ability and maturity to participate in this 6 hour seminar discussing possibly life saving strategies

Eddie Eagle

  • Gun safety course designed for children kindergarten-2nd grade
  • NO gun handling is involved in this class
  • Designed for children not yet mature enough to learn how to handle and shoot a gun of any kind